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A weekend away with Kendall Baggerly

Kendall Baggerly Dreamers and Drifters

You're from America but living in Aus, what brought you down under ;) ?

I originally came here to study abroad a few years ago. All my friends went to Europe to study abroad but I decided to come to Sydney by myself, not knowing a single soul here, to get out of my comfort zone and it was hands down the best decision I ever made. It's also when I met my now boyfriend, so I guess that helped as well ;) 

Even though I had to go home at the end of my study abroad semester, I knew I wanted to be back in Australia with him so I finished my degree back home, saved up enough money and made the move about 2 years ago. Now I'm here for good, visa and all!

What's your favourite Australian animal + why?

Kangaroos 100%! The first time I saw one was in Coffs Harbour on a headland overlooking the beach and I just remember thinking to myself "wow, this is so Australian." They're just such cool creatures!

Kendall Baggerly Dreamers and Drifters

Beach or the bushland? 

Beach all the way! But I'm definitely keen to explore more inland areas. Australia's landscape is SO diverse and beautiful, I just want to explore it all.

We've loved watching your van Vance's re-vamp! What's a cute feature you recommend for van life?

Aww thank you! It's been such a learning process doing it all ourselves. It's almost like a never ending project that we keep wanting to improve but we love the process. Our favorite feature would be our pull-out kitchenette that lets us cook outside the van. We're also getting a custom-made awning soon that will be key on the road to extend our 'living space' beyond the van, so I'd definitely recommend getting one!

Kendall Baggerly Dreamers and Drifters

What's the longest trip you've done? where?

Believe it or not, only 3 days! It was for a long weekend up to Crescent Head. We have many plans to do longer trips, but I can't announce our plans just yet ;)

Is Van life all that's it's cracked up to be? ;) (I know it is!!)

Ahh yes it is! We're not living full-time in the van just yet, but even our small trips here and there get me so excited for living in it. There's something so insanely freeing about being on the open road and having no place to call home. I think you just have to be realistic about what you're giving up (privacy, personal space, about 90% of the things you own, and a warm shower to name a few) and go into it with a mindset that things won't always go to plan, especially if you have a vintage van ;). But that's all part of the adventure!  

Kendall Baggerly Dreamers and Drifters

Coffee or Smoothie? why?

It used to be smoothie, but ever since I moved to Australia I've become such a little coffee snob. The coffee here is too good! Now I'm a sucker for an oat milk latte :) 

What's your favourite trend at the moment?

It's not so much a trend as it is a shift in behaviour, but I love how more brands and consumers are focusing on slow fashion. I've always loved quality, timeless pieces that last a long time and have a limited impact on the environment. And also shopping small and supporting local brands and women-owned businesses, like Dreamers and Drifters :)

Kendall Baggerly Dreamers and Drifters

We're getting closer to summer, any beach essentials you can't live without?

Sunscreen and a hat are ALWAYS my beach essentials! I'm out in the sun a lot, so being sun safe is really, really important. I used to bathe myself in oil back in high school and just bake in the sun...makes me cringe just thinking about it! 

Cool cafe around Sydney's eastern beaches you can recommend?

Ohhh yes, so so many to recommend! In Bondi my faves are Vida Surf Café, Porch and Parlour and Good One. I also really love Clodeli (their breakfast bowl is heavenly!) and Bake Bar. Can't go wrong with any of those.

Favourite ocean pool around Sydney?

The Icebergs are the most aesthetic (obviously) but they're usually insanely crowded. I really love Bronte's ocean pool, it's such a beautiful place to watch the sunrise!

Kendall wears the Moondance Maxi in Sage, shop here.

Kendall Baggerly Dreamers and Drifters

You can follow Kendall's story here: https://www.instagram.com/kendallbaggerly/