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Girls that wear Dreamers & Drifters ft. IBIZABOHOGIRL

Girls that wear Dreamers & Drifters ft. IBIZABOHOGIRL

Ibizabohogirl vw kombi blue wrap dress

My heart stops with every new collection launching...
Will they like it? will the colours work? will the fits be ok?

All valid fears I suppose but something that gives me sleepless nights. Then the range arrives and everything is inevitably ok... (except that one time in 2015 when a whole shipment of full length sleeve kimono's came in 3/4 sleeves, worst day).

The Coral Bay print was a big step for me with designing something a little brighter and also styles I personally would wear more of, sometimes I get caught up in what I think my customer wants rather than creating something from the heart - more of an expression of the time - rather than joining dots together (vague ramblings of a fashion designer). 

All 'n all I'm pretty happy with the Coral Bay collection, hope you like it, if you don't find another blog to stalk ;) #goodvibesonly #nervouscanyoutell 

Here are some gorgeous photos of Dutch style blogger Yvon of the Blog Ibiza Boho Girl wearing the Coral Bay Wrap Dress (shop it here: Coral Bay Dress)

Ibizabohogirl vw kombi blue wrap dressIbizabohogirl reading iphone blue wrap dressIbizabohogirl vw kombi blue wrap dressIbizabohogirl ibiza style blue dress dreamers and drifters

She did a cool blog on what it means to her to be a Dreamer and a Drifter.. See Yvon's full write up here:

Love, Verity xx