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Dreamers & Drifters is devoted to creating clothing that is thoughtfully manufactured, ethically crafted and we continue to work towards being as sustainable as possible, from our fabrics to the factories we work with and the charities we support. Our garments are designed in Byron Bay by founder, Verity, and handmade by small family-owned factories in Bali & China.


We’re driven by slow fashion, meaning we rely on small production runs to minimise wastage and create well-made, lasting pieces and timeless designs that you’ll want to wear time and time again, all year round.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to producing slow fashion, we hold minimal stock quantities for each of our collections to avoid over production, strive to maintain responsible sourcing practices, and use all-natural fibres.


Everything that finds a home in our shop is special. Whether it's made of wood or cloth, whether it was found in our neighbourhood or on a trip, we sell it because we admire its craftsmanship, respect its quality, appreciate its uniqueness, and the idea of it makes us happy.

Providing a safe, healthy and happy working environment is integral to our focus, one that also supports working mothers and gives the sewers the option to work from home. We believe that everyone has the right to fair and respectful working conditions, something our factory owner proudly stands by.

Q: How long have you had your factory?
A: I have had my factory for approximately 13 years.

Q: What reason did you start your factory?
A: From 1997, I had worked at a big garment factory in Denpasar, but I resigned in 2007 so I could start my own factory.

Q: How many sewers do you employ?
A: I have 8 sewers: Ketut, 42 Wayan, 51 Wayan, 37 Nengah, 35 Ibu, 49 Made, 50 Putu, 45 Komang, 41

Q: Can they work from home?
A: Yes, some of the sewers prefer to work from home, I just give them the cutting pieces to take away and sew.
We always endeavour to give back to our community and our planet. Since 2017, we have been donating every month to the UNHCR, who assists refugees in 140 countries around the world and is responsible for providing protection and assistance to the 65.3million people who have been forced to flee war, conflict, or persecution.

We also donate to The Big Food Drive which helps feed underprivileged communities in South Africa, an organisation close to Verity’s heart as she grew up in Namaqualand, South Africa. When faced with a crisis, we feel it’s our human duty to help wherever we can.

We recently donated fabric masks to the local clinic in Bali near our factory and offered up our store as a drop-off point for Rescue Craft Co which supports animals affected by the bush fires.

We also paid to improve the working conditions at our main factory in Bali. Even though the ladies mostly take their sewing home to work in their own time, there is also space to work at the factory. There's ample natural light and fresh air, and the factory is meticulously clean but was looking a bit run down after the last rains/wet season, so Verity thought a lick of fresh paint would lighten everyone’s mood resulting in the smiling faces of our happy workers.

Hey we're not perfect, but we want to provide you with full honesty and as much transparency as possible in all that we do here at Dreamers & Drifters, and will continue to seek out ways to improve upon our ethical journey towards a more sustainable future.


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