Dreamers & Drifters ft. James Patrick Photography

Dreamers and Drifters bikini

How long have you been a photographer?
5 years

Photography can be a pretty tough gig, what motivates you?
I'm motivated to create images I love for both myself and my clients. Money pays the bills but creativity gets me out of bed!

How did you choose the industry or did it choose you?
I started out as a music photographer (which I still do and love) but I have diversified into events, fashion and travel.

Dreamers and Drifters purple bikini
Dreamers and Drifters lilac bikini
Dreamers and Drifters bikiniDreamers and Drifters bikini
Dreamers and Drifters bikini

What's your favourite subject to shoot?
Festivals, it combines all the elements I love into one chaotic day!

Any role models or inspiring people you look to?
Chris Burkhard (travel), I follow loads of music photographers but none spring to mind!

Dreamers and Drifters bikini

Dreamers and Drifters bikini

Tell me a bit more about your style:
I would describe my style as "natural". Wherever possible I utilise natural light to give the warmest result possible. I also keep editing to a minimum and no retouching so what you get is a true reflection of what my eye saw. I am now trying to combine different elements - shooting models in some of the spectacular locations I have found travelling or a fashion shoot at a festival.

Check out more of James' photos here:

Byron Bay Surf Festival

Byron Bay Surf Festival 2017

Photo; Andrea Falletta

Here are a few highlights from the 2017 Byron Bay Surf Festival we were lucky enough to be a part of! Being a surfer myself and calling Byron home made this a pretty sweet package deal.

Byron Bay Surf Festival stone and wood

Photo; Karise Schork

Byron Bay Surf Festival Market stall

Photo: @maiyamada_ via Instagram

Kara and I having a little breather inbetween countless babes trying on bikinis! Saturday's attendance was estimated at 12 - 15,000 at the Surf Art Markets & Byron Theatre with the Beach Hotel pumping late into the night for their Saturday Slide flagship party.  

Byron Bay Surf Festival outdoor cinema

Photo: Sarah West

 “ Anyone who was at the Beachy on Saturday witnessed a jam session that will never be repeated. We gave legend filmmaker, Jack McCoy, the 25th film anniversary party that he deserved, which surfer musician Dave Rastovich hosted with Band of Frequencies, Bobbly Alu, Paula Fuga, Tim Baker, Fletcher Pilon.. but then to have G.Love fly in just for us and go the full spectrum of his repertoir from hip-hop to funk and soul culminating in a jam session with everyone in the house, that last half an hour was pretty amazing.. especially when you see the who’s who of the surfing world bopping along like Steph Gilmore, Glenn Casey, Taylor Steele and Rusty Miller."

“The Sunset Cinema was the biggest and best outdoor screening we’ve ever had too,” said McMillan. “The best part for us was watching how well everyone responded to the film 'Given' that we chose to show. It’s such a beautiful movie and we knew everyone would love it and to see so many people there and all the little grommies running around was magic.”

Thanks so much for the organisers of the festival for such a fun event! Can't wait until next year :)


Girls that wear Dreamers & Drifters ft. Astro Bandit

Astrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dressAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress in the desertAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress in the sandAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress back

From the Astro Bandit Blog:

I woke up one morning in my hotel room at Stovepipe Wells, looked outside, and saw those dramatic clouds hanging above the sand dunes. I woke Darren up and said "we gotta goooo!" So we did and this is what we created BeFoRe ThE sToRm while wearing Dreamers and Drifters.

Astrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress side legAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress sitting on the sandAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress close upAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress blond hairAstrobandit wearing Dreamers and Drifters grey wrap dress running death valley

Whimsical and dreamy muse: Astro Bandit

These beautiful photos were taken by the talented: Darius Twin

Location: Death Valley, Eastern California

Thanks for stopping by!
Verity xx

Photographer Brad Ernske ft. Dreamers and Drifters


brad ernskebrad ernske Photographer Brad Ernske Photographer Brad Ernske ft. Dreamers and Drifters Dreamers and Drifters skirtDreamers and Drifters bralette Fashion photographer Brad Ernske ft. Dreamers and Drifters

Fashion photographer BRAD ERNSKE from LA, California took our Kenya bralette set into the desert with beauty Laura Quintana and created these rustic, raw shots. I love the depth of the photos, the stark colouring of the background against the crisp white of the clothing. Laura as a playfulness that speaks through the lens. 

Check out some of Brad's photos on his Insta below.

Photographer: Brad Ernske https://www.instagram.com/thedeathoffilm/

Muse: Laura Quintana https://www.instagram.com/qnami/

Outfit: Kenya Bralette and Kenya mini both made out of soft bamboo jersey.
See our new arrivals here: https://dreamersanddrifters.com.au/collections/new-arrivals

Girls that wear Dreamers & Drifters ft. For The Dreamers

For the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style bloggerFor the Dreamers style blogger

Perth style blogger, the lovely Naomi of For The Dreamers blog picked a few of her favourite Dreamers & Drifters summer 2016 pieces and styled them to perfection.

I love her Instagram feed with is neutrals and white theme, something pretty hard to curate but that she gets so on point. She's just taken a year off blogging as she was busy getting ready to introduce us to her little ray of sunshine Eden-Mae! (featured in these beautiful photos). So I was over the moon that she made her 2016 debut with Dreamers & Drifters styles.

"It was time to get back into the blogging world and what better way than with my favourite pieces from Dreamers & Drifters latest collection. I am loving off the shoulder pieces at the moment and they are so practical for the breast feeding mum."

Thank you for the lovely photos Naomi!

Shop the Black Off shoulder top here:

New wrap skirts here:

Graceland Off Shoulder Dress here:

White wide leg pant here:
**Also available in Black

All photos by For The Dreamers
Blog: http://forthedreamers.com.au/dreamers-drifters-summer-16/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/for_thedreamers/?hl=en

Love, Verity xx

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye travel flatlay

10 Tips & Tricks For Travelling Drifters

Maybe it’s your first time travelling alone, maybe it’s your first time travelling, ever! It can be quite daunting in the beginning, trust me, I’ve experienced it! But with a few little tips and tricks, you’ll surely start to feel a little more at ease when taking the travelling leap!


1. Research The Country
I don’t know about you, but deciding where you want to go can be so difficult when really, you want to travel everywhere! But once you’ve picked your destination, one of the best parts about planning your trip is researching the country. Learn the customs, the traditions, the hidden spots, the more you know about a place the more at ease you’ll feel when you arrive! Use the ‘Places’ feature in Search on Instagram to see what everyone else has experienced in that country.

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye landscape

2. Make A List
Lists aren’t for everyone but hey, they help. Whether it be a packing list, or a list of things you want to do/see when you’re away, I guarantee it WILL help! I always create a packing list so I can have peace of mind I haven’t forgotten anything…

3. Half Your Clothing & Double Your Money
Sometimes we get a little carried away when packing for a holiday am I right? “Five pairs of shoes is nothing right?”, “I might just take 3 in the different colours, just in case”, “Hmm, I’ll pack it anyways, you never know…” Yeah, we need to stop that. Hola girl, you’re going to a foreign country. Why pass up the opportunity of purchasing unique goods from overseas!? A general rule, half your clothing and double your money. Learn to mix and match so you can fill your suitcase with treasured goods! 

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye Hendrix Bikini

4. Make Friends
When you’re away, I personally think you become your full potential 100% more than when you’re at home. Talking to strangers becomes easier and socially there’s more to talk about with other fellow travellers because you’re all living the same amazing travel-filled life, duh! I’ve made some incredible friends whilst travelling and we now share some of the craziest most adventurous stories that will never grow old. As long as you feel comfortable in your surroundings, don’t be shy to say hello to someone while travelling, compliment people, share YOUR stories with them, I promise you’ll uncover some friendships you never expected.

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye travel tips

5. Walk With Confidence
On that note, the best thing you can wear is your smile. Yes it attracts other happy people, but, god forbid you ever end up in a sticky situation, I’ve found if you walk with a glow of confidence, you’ll resist unwanted attention. Another little tip for heeding off those pesky people while travelling is to constantly act like you’re busy. Whether it’s reading a magazine/book, writing a letter, reading a text message, if you look occupied, chances are you’ll be left alone! 

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye travel writer

6. Write Things Down
Those precious memoirs from a trip are quite valuable until you uh, forget what happened? It happens to all of us, especially when so many exciting things happen, it’s honestly hard to recall everything. "Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen." - Benjamin Disraeli. So in saying that, write things down as you go! You don’t have to write a novel as you go although some people do, just keep it short and sweet with dot points. One day you’ll look back and really appreciate yourself for writing those little memories down.

7. Take Too Many Photos
Do it! Photos are a time capsule for life and with all the cool little gadgets about these days like GoPro’s and Polaroids you can have so much fun capturing your adventures! Don’t be shy in asking someone to take a photo for you either, most people are happy to and who knows maybe you can return the favour for them!

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye butterfly photo

8. But, Enjoy The Moment
Take your photos but I also plead that you take a few moments to stop and take in everywhere you go too. Looking through a camera lens is completely different to the naked eye. So don’t forget to take a few photos with your eyes too, being in the moment outshines anything else.

9. Collect A Special Something
One of my favourite things to do while away is collect a little something from each place I’ve been to. For me, I’ve collected bohemian bags, little souvenir coins you create in coin machines and receipts/tickets, well, basically ALL the little pieces of paper that have helped me get to places or shaped my adventures. If you’re going to hoard anything while travelling, I think those are the best things!

10. Never Stop Sharing Your Stories
When you come back home, you’re never the same, you’ve gained a lot of life experience, you’ve created new friends and you have incredible stories to tell your friends and family. While some people may not travel like you do, and may not quite ever understand the thrill of it, NEVER stop sharing your stories. When you talk about things you love, you come alive and people will love you for that. I already love talking, but when I get to talk about travel, my enthusiasm bumps up 1000 times more and then good luck to everyone, because sometimes one story leads to another and you could basically be here listening to me all day. It’s so completely healthy to talk about your experiences and it’ll basically keep them alive for a lifetime, so share away and live away!

Dreamers and Drifters Alice Pye bikini flatlay

Keep on dreaming,

A x


Alice lives in: Brisbane, Australia. She's a story teller & Photo-taker having travelled to 29 countries & counting! Check out Alice Pye's Instagram feed here for travel inspo:

All photos submitted by Alice Pye.

Dreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron Bay

A New Look at the Graceland Maxi Skirt

Dreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron Bay Dreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron BayDreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron Bay Dreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron Bay

Dreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron BayDreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron Bay

We took a picnic down to The Pass, the iconic Byron Bay surfing beach and took a few fun natural photos of our friend & muse Carly-Rae in the Graceland Split Skirt

Styled with our un-released Graceland Bikini (coming end November 2016) and salty skin, we got lucky with perfect sunshine and warm water.

Photographer: Paris Water @frameandform

Muse: Carly-Rae Hamilton

Shop the Graceland Split Skirt here:

Dreamers and Drifters graceland maxi skirt photographed at The Pass Byron Bay

Brisbane Fashion Weekend

I am super excited to be showing the NEW collection at Brisbane Fashion Weekend.

Brisbane Fashion Weekend  

Would seriously love to meet you if you are coming.

And if you are umming and ah'ring here is a 2 for the price of 1 code for one of their GOLD class tickets: Check out with: GOLD2FOR1

Click below link to take you to buy a ticket:

Here's what you get: 

  • One seat at one (1) 30 minute Runway Show in Section C (Excludes Front Row). Click here for map
  • Runway show times are 11am, 12pm and 1pm
  • Single Day Entry to the Pop Up Precinct (10am - 4pm)
  • Exclusive offers from over 40 brands
  • Access to Centre Stage
  • Entry to the Champagne Lounge
  • Access to the Pamper Room (small donation requested on entry)
  • Ages 12+ only



    Shop new arrivals of Dreamers and Drifters at Brisbane Fashion Weekend


    Travel blog Solomon Islands

    My papa is a dreamer from way back.

    He set sail as soon as he was old enough and learned to navigate by the stars across the great indigo Atlantic Ocean, just like his father, and his father before him.

    Papa is the original bohemian traveller, drifting where the tides, winds and stars take him. My sister and I have the ocean in our veins. We were born to the seas. Sea legs before land legs. And so I came to be drifting and dreaming with my papa, his lovely partner Luciana and their trusty boat-hound Luna, through the furthest reaches of the beautiful Solomon Islands. This string of pristine islands are the most untouched in the South Pacific. Few tourists venture to the Solomon Islands, just a three hour flight from Brisbane airport. Even fewer reach the outer islands, so we set our course 5 degrees north and sailed towards the equator to find deserted coconut palm fringed beaches, colourful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and villages of leaf huts filled with papaya trees and smiling faces.  

    Solomon Islands travel blog

    Choiseul was our destination, and what we found exceeded even my wildest tropical island expectations.

    Solomon islands travel blog

    Turquoise waters jeweled with purple tipped coral, anemones hiding families of bright orange clownfish, white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters lapping their edges.
    Our days were filled by collecting coconuts - freshly fallen for their sweet water, and older for their snowy white flesh to grate and squeeze milk for our supper.
    We snorkelled among the thousands of shallow reefs in sparkling tropical waters, lounged in the catamaran's trampolines devouring book after book or rested in the shade of the boom. We fished only when we needed dinner, offering our hopes to the fishing God and pulling up giant Trevally, Wahoo and Rainbow Runners. 
    Dreamers and Drifters, Solomon Islands
    After days of spectacular lagoons spanning every shade of electric blue, our course took us east to the Arnarvon Islands. These tiny atolls are a turtle sanctuary, patrolled by rangers who protect the turtle nests and chaperone thousands of tiny hatchlings into the great wide ocean each season. We arrived just in time to see one of the last nests hatch. More than fifty adorably tiny turtles, no bigger than my palm, made their first arduous voyage over the sand and edge of the reef to fend for themselves in their watery world. Their tiny flippers going a million miles an hour as they scrambled to begin their journey. 
    Solomon islands travel blog
    On one of our last evenings, sailing into the sunset in search of another calm anchorage, we happened upon a pod of around fifty tiny dolphins, frolicking in the waves and surfing the wash of our bow. They stayed with us for five minutes, before disappearing as quickly as they came. They gave us no time to snatch cameras, leaving us like waking from a dream, squinting into the setting sun and wondering if they were there at all.
    Taya walking on the beach in Solomon IslandsBlack off the shoulder top
    The Solomon Islands really is a tropical paradise. A wandering travelers dream, offering every adventure you can think of, from diving wrecks of World War II submarines to relaxing by the beach, surfing empty waves or learning about local culture. The local government is working hard to preserve the pristine islands and encourage visitors from Australia and further afield.  
    Taya was a guest on her papa's charter catamaran, SV Chemistry. http://svchemistry.net, @svchemistry
    Getting there: 
    Virgin Australia and Air Solomons fly from Brisbane to Honiara most days. Sol Air also operates domestic flights from Honiara. 
    Where to stay:
    SV Chemistry - stay aboard the spacious catamaran and the captain will tailor your trip to the island experiences you want. http://svchemistry.net
    Zipolo Habu Resort, Lola Island - stay on your own private island in beautiful leaf huts open to the ocean breeze. Fly to Munda from Honiara. http://www.zipolohabu.com.sb
    San Bis Resort - Fly to Gizo from Honiara. http://www.sanbisresort.com
    Surfing - on the more remote Santa Isabel island, the Solomons breaks are best in the Hawaiian surf season, Nov - March.
    Solomon Islands travel blog
    Photo credit: all photos by Taya  taken on an Iphone 6s
    Words by Taya Prescott https://www.instagram.com/tayaslaya/
    If you have been to the Solomon Islands & have some useful travel tips, please do comment below!

    Girls that wear Dreamers & Drifters ft. IBIZABOHOGIRL

    Ibizabohogirl vw kombi blue wrap dress

    My heart stops with every new collection launching...
    Will they like it? will the colours work? will the fits be ok?

    All valid fears I suppose but something that gives me sleepless nights. Then the range arrives and everything is inevitably ok... (except that one time in 2015 when a whole shipment of full length sleeve kimono's came in 3/4 sleeves, worst day).

    The Coral Bay print was a big step for me with designing something a little brighter and also styles I personally would wear more of, sometimes I get caught up in what I think my customer wants rather than creating something from the heart - more of an expression of the time - rather than joining dots together (vague ramblings of a fashion designer). 

    All 'n all I'm pretty happy with the Coral Bay collection, hope you like it, if you don't find another blog to stalk ;) #goodvibesonly #nervouscanyoutell 

    Here are some gorgeous photos of Dutch style blogger Yvon of the Blog Ibiza Boho Girl wearing the Coral Bay Wrap Dress (shop it here: Coral Bay Dress)

    Ibizabohogirl vw kombi blue wrap dressIbizabohogirl reading iphone blue wrap dressIbizabohogirl vw kombi blue wrap dressIbizabohogirl ibiza style blue dress dreamers and drifters

    She did a cool blog on what it means to her to be a Dreamer and a Drifter.. See Yvon's full write up here: http://www.ibizabohogirl.com/dreamers-drifters/

    Love, Verity xx

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