Made for the Travel Ready Bohème, inspired by the open road and romance.

Dreamers & Drifters began way back growing up in Namaqualand, South Africa, playing in the wild west streets of a small Diamond mining town, the mountain sized sand dunes blowing into the ocean.

Leaving school I studied Fashion and Textile design and began work for a few high profile design companies before packing my backpack and drifting across the globe for 18 months.

Oh the adventures...

I met the love of my life in a small town in Nicaragua, after making sure we both liked rum, the beach, surfing and the same books we couldn't fight the universe for crossing our paths. So I relocated to Australia and we started a life together in Byron Bay.

I create each Dreamers & Drifters piece in my small design studio in Byron Bay, Australia. 

Why? Because I have to. Because if I didn't my hands would explode and my mind would cry out in the middle of the night like wolves howling. Making clothes completes me. I love the feeling of fabric, imagining the possibilities of a small piece of cotton. Developing a new design out of something in a dusty textile shop. Making it special. Fitting, tucking, pinning and unpicking until it's perfect.

I want to share the passion, the wild west energy that I feel when I unpack a new collection. I want you to feel like anything is possible. That you might drift for a while, that you might fall in love. That your wildest dreams might not be so wild after all..

Dreamers & Drifters has been sold in Australia since 2014.

Photo: Verity in Mexico City

Photo: Verity in Mexico City 

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