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Marzipan Cheetah

~ Marzipan ~

Since my teens I've had a weird penchant for Cheetah print, and even now when I go into a boutique I'll always gravitate towards the animal print of my motherland, South Africa. Cheetahs are not big animals, and for me, are feminine in shape and yet surprisingly are the fastest land animals. And like the mothers, sisters and daughters I have the joy of working and playing with, I am always in awe of the strength and beauty of the "average woman" who has so much to give and share.
So, in saying all that, I feel the "average cheetah print" holds a special strength; an understated fortitude and the ability to hold us in this time of confusion.

I am soft, I am beautiful but I am strong.

 I designed the Marzipan Collection to hold you in this time of great uncertainty, to remind you of your inner strength that you can call on at any time. Because you may feel small at times, but your gifts are grand and when you share your moments of joy with another "average woman", you bring more beauty into this world. 


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